With an architecture degree, Mona Lisa Brocchini  structure her work selecting a variety of materials, such as wood, metal, cloth, canvas, cardboard. feather, pin, gold, copper, silver, semi precious gems, acrylic, and everything that could contribute with the construction and harmony of shapes that populate her imagination.

Since her early ages, Mona inspiration has come from her mystical hometown, Salvador, Bahia, where the syncretism and tropical nature greatly influences the local culture and arts. 

While studying for her architecture degree at University Federal da Bahia, Mona enrolled in the UFBA School of Fine Arts and became an assistant of fine arts professors, where she started to work on an environmental art project. Also she worked with media like acrylic, encaustic, watercolor, drawings, mixed media. Later Mona awakened her senses to form, colors and composition in a special way when teaching art at a Holistic School, Avatar. 

In 2001, she moved to the USA. Currently, Mona is living and working in the multicultural art scene of Houston where her works has gained new shapes and forms.

She has continued exploring her talent in many fields using a range of mediums and her works have been placed in private collections in North/South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. 

Professionally, Mona has been freely using her creativity, intuition and knowledge, exploring diverse techniques and establishing as a contemporaneous artist and architect.