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ART BLOOM . Mixed Media Art Workshops

Art Inspired by Nature . The Blossoming of the Creative Mind

An artist might reverse the order of work, change the medium, change the scale, forbid a certain common component or common solution in the work. Reversing the order might be to color in the negative space in a composition prior to adding color to the positive subject matter.

 My teacher role is to encourage and reward the kinds of strategies and thinking habits that are more apt to result in imagination and creativity rather than imitation and concurrence with the status quo. 

My students should expect freedom but with focus to make some of the choices and take some of the risk involved when changing strategies. They need practice in creative problem finding and solving. I can raise questions to produce student self-awareness. I will practice creative ways to nurture student creativity. 

They will enjoy the art through the process and their works result will be appreciated and the diversities will be very welcome.

My goal is to help students become critical thinkers, observers of the world diversity, confidents, connected with the nature and with the surrounding world. 

My students should create their works by their own experience, memory, observation, and/or imagination and have a sense of ownership and control in the process. I will challenge them to create with unusual, recycled, natural and traditional materials.