The title of Mona's DEJA VU collection was thought and rethought since some time ago. Before it was materialized, was imagined already anticipating the presentation in two different spaces in different occasions.

The suggestive eye shape emphasizes the production, as the nature elements that endorse the need to observe the nature dynamics more deeply for a better understanding, in our search for personal balance, the harmony with other beings and with nature.

The conscious observation of our actions is also important for us to understand the sensation of "DEJA VU”, sometimes caused by unconscious actions that we live in some period of our life and that we deliberately repeat.

With all the elaborative extension of the theme, discussions, meanings and causes, Mona utilizes the repetition of images, hollow elements, endless lines, suggestive planes, shadows, spirals, circles and ovals to compose her artistic answer about this elusive theme.

This collection also includes Mona's "Art to go". Pieces that can be installed in environments or be carried by people. Besides the jewelry items She designed specially to recall the relationships between mother and children, the relationship between generations as repeated actions, or as a family DEJA VU.

The ten jewelry items were originated at the time when Mona's saw her son buying a living pearl in a Japanese shop to give her. The fact was a nice example of DEJA VU. That gift was the beginning of the creative process of this collection.