FREE WILL is full of nuances, meanings and discourses. The concept and its existence has been debated by brilliant minds throughout time.

Mona Lisa Brocchini came from a mystical place, which is best defined by the word syncretism. There is a multitude of blends and contrasts: faith and joy, sacred and profane, ethnicity and colors, natural beauty and architectonic heritage.

She grew up with a pleasurable sensation of freedom, yet with a strong link to her past ancestors (Europeans, Indigenous, and Africans) and with nature. The questions related to free will, determinism and destiny are always present in her mind.

Mona’s colorful mixed media series emerged from her attempt at intangible self-expression in response to questioning the world in which we are living; from the path which humanity is taking to the search for inner; our relation to nature in circumstances, other people, ideologies or irrational feelings.

The review of her work in this series happened by chance, while working on its creation she received a visit from a yogi. Her philosophical reflections on Mona’s work brought with it a whole new dimension.

“When Mona creates her art, she is unconscious and inspired to express it from deep within. After finishing the artwork, she starts to figure out what she is trying to express. When I saw her art, I thought it embraced some elements of yoga philosophy. - Keiko Yamazaki

“I invite the viewers to think about the importance of finding personal and collective equilibrium and harmony when observing connections, and establishing associations with the present moment. I create my artwork like pieces of a big mandala, using elements of the nature, symbols, shapes, celebrations, archetype, to awake our connection to the world, to one another. This way, we WILL be FREE to see the world from a different perspective. - Mona Lisa Brocchini